Monday, March 4, 2013

Adi - Missing You Like Anything

missing you like anything

doesn't really know 

whats this feeling
can't tell you what it means 
to miss someone
coz i think you've never been 
in this situation

but i want you to be 
in this game
so that you too like me can 
feel the pain
and mark my words
even your efforts will 
go in vain

if some day you are alone 
and find no one else to share
not just happiness but 
even the moments of despair

just call me and 
give me a clue
and you'll always find me 
standing by you

this is the depth of my 
commitment towards you
and someday yo'll find that 
each and every 
line of this is true

but in the end 
i would like to say
that your absence is 
taking my breadth away
and i've a feeling, 
i can't stop it anyway

-- Adi

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this is awesome, I cannot explained the pain agony in these lines.. I love this shayari.


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